Jeremy’s been a senior consultant at one of the world’s biggest consulting and accountancy firms. He lives in Sydney now, but has previously led teams throughout various countries in the world. 

Having learned from some of the world’s best coaches, and entrepreneurs in the world, his work is centred around optimising psychological and physiological performance through proven principles and tools. 

Jeremy has used his signature program to help his clients from all over the world boost their profitability through performance.


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"I'm in the fashion industry which is very stressful and for me, I've gained a lot from his mentoring sessions. There were certain things where I can take the practices that Jeremy taught us and apply them. In fact, I would take some of these lessons to professional development trainings with my own team. I would definitely recommend Jeremy. I think he is so kind and so insightful, and I really enjoyed working with him."
Kyle Denman
Fashion Designer, Teacher | USA
"I have two locations here in Southern California and we have been in business for over 33 years. Before I joined his mentoring and coaching with Jeremy, I found that I was often working on so many different things in the business, and found that I wasn't concentrating on growing the business. i was doing a lot of busy work... He had a clear step by step procedure that helped to organise my thoughts. After working with him, I feel less stressed, happier, more productive, delegating more and overall be a better leader."
Linh Nguyen
Beauty Schools Owner | USA
"Before I took on Jeremy's coaching, I was in a mindset of constant anxiety and I felt that the world was moving too fast for me to even catch up. What struck me as different was his mission and he showed me that he was committed to everyone's personal growth and breakthroughs. From his mentoring, I achieved clarity and understanding on how my mind works. I don't feel panicked now and I feel focused because I have a better understanding on how my values drive my success. I highly recommend Jeremy and his coaching if you are looking to take more control in your life."
Matt Ferrer
Marketer | USA
"Before coaching with Jeremy I had a lack of harmony, I was recovering from burnout. I've had a Tony Robbins coach and been in a few Masterminds before, I wasn't sure how this program would be different. But this program had more structure, I got new learnings and insights. I learned how to influence more and reframed my negative emotions. During our time together, I got a new job, got promoted to second in charge, and have been feeling calmer and more in the flow with life."
Harpreet D.
Project Manager | USA
"The sessions gave me a clearer idea of where I was in life, and was the groundwork for how to move forward. I am taking more focused actions towards my goals in all aspects of my life. What I liked most about our sessions was the clarity that came with each session. Didn't matter how big or small, the clarity was really empowering"
Kevin K.
Entrepreneur | USA
"After several months of lockdown, I felt quite overwhelmed and on the verge of burnout for the amount of projects I've taken on, the endless learning, and the things I care about as a social enterpreneur, a creative artist, and a lifelong learner. Through Jeremy's mentorship, I was able to take consistent action to find clarity, learn more about what it means to be productive. There's just so much I can say to praise Jeremy as a coach and mentor, certainly check it out."
Evelyn C.
Music Teacher | USA


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